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Professional Development

WDREF’s Professional Development Committee works on projects related to the ongoing professional development of the Parish Catechetical Leader, helping to promote this leadership as a recognized ministry in the Church, and addressing the issues particularly as they apply to this profession in the State of Wisconsin and other national organizations.

Past projects include:

Current Projects:

If you’d like to join us as we continue to work on these projects, please let us know via WDREF’s Facebook page.

Faith Formation in Multiple Parish Ministry settings.
“Multiple Parish Ministry” (MPM) refers to two or more parishes/sites that share a pastor or staff.
Examples include:

  • Multiple (two or more) parishes share one pastor or one faith formation leader.
  • Multiple parishes were merged into one, but two or more of the church sites are still in use by the merged parish.
  • Multiple parishes are served together by two or more priests who live in one of the parishes.

Our goals for this project are:

  1. To provide parishes with information on the various ways that faith formation (including youth ministry and RCIA) is being handled in multi-parish ministry (MPM) settings.
  2. To help parishes determine the best options for their specific situations.

So far, we have:

  • Conducted a survey to discover what is currently taking place in MPM settings across Wisconsin.
  • Compiled the survey results and started the process of analyzing those results.

Next steps:

We would like to organize a gathering of people who have experience in MPM settings. They would discuss what factors they believe should be considered when determining how faith formation should be organized/managed in a MPM setting, including how the parishes would weigh the importance of each factor in their specific setting to help them determine the best options for their situation. (There are a lot of details in the survey that give us the starting point for this discussion.)
We would like to apply for a grant to sponsor this gathering, so that it is affordable for all potential participants.

Checklist for Quality Faith Formation in the Parish


In May 2014 the WDREF Board and diocesan faith formation staff engaged in a Province Dialogue on a number of topics. We decided that it would be helpful if we created a checklist for parishes on what is needed for a parish to have a strong faith formation program. As the parish reviews the items on the checklist, they would be analyzing their current situation – learning what they are doing well and areas for improvement.

The checklist will include:

  • Quotes from Church documents which ground this ministry.
  • Lists of items, organized into topics related to the quotes, that should be present in the parish for it to have a quality faith formation program.

Currently, we are compiling quotes and statements for the checklist.

Continuing Education for those with a Master’s Degree

We would like to compile information to share with WDREF members on what PCLs are doing for continuing education when they already have a Master’s Degree. Please share on WDREF’s Facebook page (or email your WDREF rep) what you do for your own continuing ed, or your suggestions for what others could do.


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