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Best Practices in Catechesis on the Sacraments

Here is just one of the 85 Best Practices available on the Best Practices in Catechesis (Sacraments) CD:

Purpose: Remembering the names of the seven sacraments
Intended participants: grade 5
Size of group: any size
Assistants needed: none
Time needed: 10-15 minutes
Space needed: tables and chairs or desks
Materials needed: paper and pen

Description of the Activity:
Many of us were taught the sentence “Every good boy does fine” in order to remember the notes on the lines of the music staff – E-G-B-D-F. This activity is similar, focusing on remembering the names of the sacraments.

Divide the large group into small groups of 2-3 children. Each group is going to create a sentence by taking the first letter of each sacrament, thinking of another word that starts with that same letter and putting all those words together into one sentence. (You might need to remind some of the groups of the number of sacraments so that they have the right number of words (7) in their sentence.) The words can be in any order.

Each group should print their sentence on poster board and read it to the class.
The children enjoy this activity and it helps them to remember the 7 sacraments.
Example: My beautiful church has an early ritual. (Matrimony, Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick, Eucharist, Reconciliation.)

Submitted by Sue Devine-Simon

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