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Our Goals
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Support member organizations in
their ministry to the Church and World.

Integrate the catechetical ministry into the total life of the Church.

Study key issues affecting catechesis and the catechetical ministry.

Research, recommend and influence Church policies which concern the catechetical ministry.

Facilitate communication among the member organizations and with other Church ministries.

Promote professional catechetical ministry in the Church.

WDREF's Mission

As the statewide organization of professional catechetical leaders, the Wisconsin Directors of Religious Education Federation (WDREF) promotes ministerial and professional development and provides ongoing formation, advocacy, support and recognition to our members through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Identity Statement

Called by God as Parish Catechetical Leaders in the State of Wisconsin.
      Celebrate and
      Affirm our commitment to
Proclaim and Echo the Word of God in its entirety wherever we minister.
Seek the on-going formation, education and professional training that
Catechetical leadership requires.
Model Jesus Christ in a spirit of prayerfulness and generosity in partnership with others.
Collaborate with all pastoral ministers in the development of the Reign of God through vibrant Catholic Christian Communities.
Facilitate opportunities for all members of the Catholic community to participate in life-long formation leading to transformation and lasting conversion.
Advocate for professionalism in the catechetical ministry.
Open ourselves to the unique challenges of our time and respond to those challenges by teaching and living the Catholic social justice principles.

Proclaimed by WDREF on this day, November 9, 2006

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